Monday, January 2, 2017

Classroom Books

One could say that I have a problem..or three. I have no way of knowing how to fix this problem. Instead of fixing the problem I continue to add to the problem. I have fallen into a trap and I cannot get out. My classroom library is extremely packed. My classroom is smaller than last year so I'm not use to the small space either. I wish I had a picture to show you, actually no I'm not ready to show everyone my problem. 

Here is what I can openly and honestly admit to you: 
  1. My classroom library is packed with books. About 80% of the books are organized by AR level, but the others still need to be labeled.
  2. I have a hard time allowing students to use the library. Last year I had a couple of children that hoarded books in their desk....normally around 15-20 books would be found when we cleaned desks. We all know that when books have been trapped inside of a desk for weeks, they don't always come out as pretty as when they went in. This has now left me not wanting to "share". 
  3. I CANNOT stop buying more books. Most of the books I have bought this year are used for my lessons and mentor texts. I will read them to the class, then put them out for a week or two for anyone to read and then I hide them away on my bookshelf behind my desk. I cannot help it. Please don't think I do this with all of my books-- I don't I promise-- only some. They are so fresh and clean with no rips, tears or sticky spots. 
But here's to a new year, starting this week, how is break almost over already?! My classroom library will be opened for business. We will have a long and loving group discussion about how Ms. V bought these books and how she loves them dearly and everyone else should too. I have already assigned a classroom librarian. (side note: she is over the moon excited to have this job which makes me so happy). See I'm working on problem number 2 already! 

As for problem 3...... the problem isn't really a problem in my eyes. I'm a teacher and I love children's books. [In college a professor told me that "if this teaching gig doesn't work out for you, you should be the narrator for children's books on recordings." Yeah...this teaching gig...I mean my career is working great...thanks for asking]. So here are four books that were just delivered today! I'm so excited to use them in the classroom. The Perfect Pet, A Fine, Fine School, Dogs vs. Cats, and soon to be shipped I want a Dog: My Opinion Essay will be used in our new Opinion Writing Unit. 

Continuing with problem 3 .... I currently have these books in my Amazon shopping cart: 

So here's to a new year!
Happy New Year friends!