Monday, March 28, 2016

Measurement in Third Grade

Measurement is difficult for kids, especially when the fractions unit goes slower and is more stressful than anticipated. This year I had to reconsider all of my resources for fractions (another post for another day) and measurement and start fresh. I found an AMAZING unit on TpT by True Life I'm a Teacher

This is 100% my complete honest opinion of the Line Plot Mini-Unit. This mini-unit was amazing. My kids loved collecting the data and creating the line plots. It's been a tough year for my class and math, but this unit had them cheering for math class. [every teacher's dream, right?]

Below are pictures of the kids measuring 5 different crayons. They were so interested and focusing so hard on measuring their crayons. Students that have struggled all year in math and were feeling defeated were asking me if they could measure more crayons. :) 

There are plenty of other fun activities in this mini-unit, but this one was my students favorite!

If you haven't taught measurement or need something for next year, I suggest you take a look at Line Plot Mini-Unit

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